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Gboxapp - THE WEB IN A BOX

Gboxapp have all the tools you need to make your browsing more fun and comfortable than it has ever been. The internet offers so many great free applications and tools to make your life easier. The problem is you always have to surf the web to constantly find these tools when you need them. With GadgetBox this is no longer an issue. GadgetBox is an easy to use application that puts different developed tools into one location. Try the Gboxapp today!

It has never been this easy to do a lot of sophisticated calculations.
Time is money when a professional project is delayed.
Calculate amount of calories spent according to your daily activity
A nice remake of the famous Tetris game
Play the good old Pacman!
Randomly presents quotes from the most famous and important people of the world
A convenient count down application.
Convert currency easily and quickly
Easily find out what time it is anywhere in the world.
Play chess and see if you have what it takes to win !
Displays holidays and special events from around the world.
Get Answers to your questions with this all-knowing widget
Test your intelligence with a game of wit! Play Billions Free Sudoku Puzzles online from easy to evil
Shows your age in different year figures and on other planets.
Discover the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius .
A "live" World Market Watch widget. It monitors all major world indexes from Asia, India, Americas, and Europe.