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Gboxapp - THE WEB IN A BOX

Gboxapp have all the tools you need to make your browsing more fun and comfortable than it has ever been. The internet offers so many great free applications and tools to make your life easier. The problem is you always have to surf the web to constantly find these tools when you need them. With GadgetBox this is no longer an issue. GadgetBox is an easy to use application that puts different developed tools into one location. Try the Gboxapp today!



Q: I did not uninstall my GadgetBox but disappeared from my desktop. How do I get it back?

A: Its very simple. Please just right click on your desktop and select the Gadgets menu. Then simply double-click on the GadgetBox-App icon.


Q: My gadgets do not work, why is this?

A: GadgetBox requires Adobe Flash, please visit Adobe to make sure you have the latest version installed. If you already have the latest version then please uninstall the GadgetBox and re-install the latest version found on this website.


Q: How do I add Gadgets to the GadgetBox?

A: Currently this feature is not available. If you would like to request a gadget to be added please send an email to [email protected]